Stained Glass Windows

St. Margaret Mary Church contains beautiful sacred images and symbols in the stained glass windows.

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May your study of the images and messages of our stained glass windows bring you to deeper understand-ing and love for the Catholic Church, her history, theology, liturgy, moral teachings and faith practices.

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St. Margaret Mary and the Ministry of Jesus
-a gift in memory of Margaret Stilp Sensenbrenner
-located on the far north wall

Covenant, Judgment and Redemption
-a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Steven Stilp
-located in choir loft, south wall

Creation and The Fall
-a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Grimes
-located on the east wall

-created for 2003 renovation of the church
-located on east wall, above the altar

-a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sorenson and Family
-located on north wall

Fountain of Grace
-located above the original south entrance

Jesus and His Church
-a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schultz in memory of their parents
-located on the south wall

Sacrifice and Redemption in Christ
-a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Krueger in memory of their parents
-located on the north wall

Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit
-a gift from Mr. and Mrs. John Studley in memory of Don Costello
-was on west wall of original church
-now reconfigured— on west wall of Gathering Space through memorial gifts in honor of
Dr. James Bouressa, Gracye Erickson, Audrey Fuchs , Victor Turoski, Mabel and Ambrose Gracyalny

Seven Sacraments
-a gift from Daniel and Ellen McDermott
-located on the south wall

Seven Sorrows of Mary
-a gift from Mrs. Margaret and Philip Nash
-located on the east wall

-a gift from Christian and Mary Grunska
-located on south wall in Gathering Area

Titles for Mary
-a gift from Dr. and Mrs. Dell Curtis in memory of his mother
-located in Family/Parents Room, on west wall