Funeral Meal Ministry

Funeral Meal Ministry

Lead Contact Person:  Laura Lambert


New volunteers are always accepted and appreciated!  This ministry does require a bit of hard work, but it is the MOST rewarding!  We are looking for people who can work with a smile, show a loving gesture, give a helping hand or a hug and make people feel welcome and at home.


Volunteer requirements:   Setting up tables, chairs, and general room setup in Friendship Hall.  Making coffee, lemonade and setting the food and beverage areas.  Serving beverages, monitoring the buffet line, and clearing all the tables when the guests are finished eating.  Wiping tables, cleaning, putting leftover food into containers, and resetting the room after the funeral meal.  NO cooking or baking is required.  The meal is always catered and paid for by the family.

“Dishwashers” in our Ministry, need to be able to lift heavy racks of dishes in and out of the commercial grade dishwasher.  Work conditions can be hot, working with steam and also bending and lifting.

Generally, funeral meals take place after an 11:00 am mass (subject to change) during the week or on a Saturday.  Volunteers are working approximately 3 - 3 1/2 hours for these meals, and the majority of the time is standing, walking, carrying things or actively working around the room.  We are flexible for those who can’t work the entire shift.

We need approximately 8 volunteers/funeral meal, depending on how large the funeral meal attendees will be. Larger funerals need more workers.  

Volunteers are contacted by call or text (texting is preferable/quicker!) You will be given the opportunity to say “yes” or “no” to the call or text.  If you are unable to work a funeral for any reason (working, out of town, sick, busy) we move on to another volunteer.  This is the reason we need a pool of many volunteers, as well as timely responses from the volunteers.