Handicap Access/Baby Care

We offer the following for our parishioners and visitors.

Exterior Accessibility:

Carport--Drivers may bring passengers to the carport entrance on Division Street and then find a parking place for their vehicle.  Passengers may also be picked up at the carport after Mass.

Handicap Parking--There are handicap parking stalls located in several places near our church and office building.

  • There are three marked parking stalls by the garage in the circle drive off of Washington Street, by the Good Shepherd statue in the back of the church building.
  • There are several marked parking stalls on Reed Street near the Good Shepherd statue.
  • There are several marked parking stalls in the parish parking lot off Washington Street, near the Parish Center. 

Sidewalk to Perpetual Adoration Chapel and the Church-Those using the parking lot off Washington Street may wish to avoid the steps by using the curvy sidewalk to the Perpetual Adoration Chapel which is also an entrance to the Church.  

Senior Parking--There are a few "Parking for Seniors" stalls located on Reed Street, near the back entrance to church.

Interior Accessibility:

Wheelchairs--A few wheelchairs of various sizes are available for use while in our building.  They are located in or near the Gathering Space.  Ask an usher for assistance.

Accessible Bathrooms--The Church has a separate handicap accessible bathroom located in the hallway, just off the Gathering Space, in addition to handicap accessible stalls in the Men's room and the Women's room in that same hallway.  On the lower lever, near the chairlift stairway, the Men's room and the Women's room each have handicap accessible stalls.

Elevator--There is an elevator that takes riders from the Gathering Space near the carport to the hallway in the lower level of church which leads to the social hall, Friendship Hall.

Chairlift--If you enter church through the Reed Street door by the Good Shepherd statue, you may use the chairlift to take you up the stairway up to church or down to Friendship Hall.  The rider operates the chairlift.

Hearing Loop--A T-Coil hearing loop has been installed in our church.  If your hearing aid has the T-coil technology, you may simple turn your hearing aid to that frequency. 

Sound Amplificaton Devices--If your hearing aid does not have T-coil or you do not have a hearing aid but would benefit from use of one of our sound amplification aids, please inform an usher who will assist you with one of those devices.

Baby Changing Stations--A baby changing station is located in the Women's and in the Men's room in the hallway off the Gathering Space.  There is another changing station in the Women's room on the lower level.

Parent Room--Parents who wish may bring infants and young children into the parent room for all or part of Mass.  It is the room near the choir area on the south side of the church.