Living our Faith in Haiti

Our Mission 

As a subcommittee of Human Concerns, the mission of Living our Faith in Haiti is "to live the Gospel message through prayer, support, and service with the members of St. Joseph Parish in Thomonde, Haiti by sharing resources to enhance the faith, health, education and overall well-being of our Parish communities." 

 Meeting information 

New members are always welcomed. Meetings are typically held on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. at the parish center. 

 Committee Members 

Father Dennis Bergsbaken, St. Margaret Mary Parish 

Father Bertrand DesForges, St. Joseph Parish 

Finance:  Ed Scanlan

Parish Twinning: Dennis Rudolph, Chris Schneider, Assenal Numa, Ed and Shelia Scanlan 

Mission Experience: Tess Rudolph, Ellen Beltz-Trevarthen, Tim Brown

Parish Enrichment: Michelle Schneider, Vicki Neuman


Food for the Poor

St. Margaret Mary had a wonderful and rare opportunity to help feed the hungry in Thomonde through the Parish Twinning Program of the Americas (PTPA) and the Food for the Poor organizations. LOFH was able to spend $3,100 and was able to double the amount to $6,200 through a matching grant. This will feed 100 families of 5 for a month! Families will receive rice, beans, cornmeal, sardines, oil and milk. 

St. Joseph Parish new church building- 

St. Margaret Mary twinning committee is now supporting persons who want to contribute to the new church in Thomonde by sending funds earmarked for the purpose to Bishop Jean in Hinche. We have a letter of agreement with Bishop Jean that these funds will go to Father Bertrand for the new St. Joseph church. Bishop Jean accepts responsibility for the oversight of those funds with that oversight under Francois LaRoche, the diocesan architect. This is not a capital campaign to support the new church, but a way for St. Margaret Mary parishioners to make contributions to the building project. 



Unlocking Communities -

The members of LOFH met with Josh Goralski, the founder and CEO of Unlocking Communities this month. Josh provided updates on the Thomonde and Goyave Water Filtration Enterprises, COVID relief, and Thomonde Business Development including Training and Community Development, Plantain Farm, seed bank and clean burning stove sales.