Living our Faith in Haiti





Our Mission 

As a subcommittee of Human Concerns, the mission of Living our Faith in Haiti is "to live the Gospel message through prayer, support, and service with the members of St. Joseph Parish in Thomonde, Haiti by sharing resources to enhance the faith, health, education and overall well-being of our Parish communities." 

Committee Members 

Rev. Nonito Barra, St. Margaret Mary Parish - (920) 729-4560

Father Bertrand DesForges, St. Joseph Parish 

Chair: Frank Headington - (920) 851-2092

Finance:  Ed & Sheila Scanlan - (920) 284-4907

Dennis Rudolph - (920) 740-7212

Assenal Numa - (920) 450-1680

Tim Brown - (920) 841-2320

Anne Paulus - (920) 205-3751