Living our Faith in Haiti

Our Mission 

As a subcommittee of Human Concerns, the mission of Living our Faith in Haiti is "to live the Gospel message through prayer, support, and service with the members of St. Joseph Parish in Thomonde, Haiti by sharing resources to enhance the faith, health, education and overall well-being of our Parish communities." 

Committee Members 

Father Dennis Bergsbaken, St. Margaret Mary Parish 

Father Bertrand DesForges, St. Joseph Parish 

Chair: Chris Schneider 

Finance:  Ed Scanlan

Parish Twinning: Dennis Rudolph, Frank Headington, Assenal Numa, Ed and Shelia Scanlan 

Mission Experience: Tess Rudolph, Ellen Beltz-Trevarthen, Tim Brown

Parish Enrichment: OPEN

Administration: Dennis Rudolph

Bonjour from the Living our Faith in Haiti Committee (LOFH) as we kick off our annual fundraiser!

We have enjoyed a strong and vibrant outreach with our Haitian Brothers and Sisters these past five years, and we need your support in order to keep it going! The funds you provide are used to support the nutrition and schooling of children, humanitarian efforts, small business startups, and various parish projects. As you plan your charitable giving, we hope you will consider supporting this worthwhile ministry for these beautiful, faith-filled people. We have been unable to go to Haiti on Mission Trips since 2019, primarily due to the pandemic.  Because of this, the funds you provide have been even more critical to support our mission with them! 

Our fundraising goal for this year 2021-2022 is $16,000. An envelope has been included in the packets that were mailed to your homes as well as in the Easter bulletin or you can donate online by clicking here.

Please click on the link to see progress we've been able to make with your support!!Ai5VPY5msEr6g6hH1P7YxXZQgJnezw?e=AAspSY

With your generosity we can continue to strengthen the bond between our two parishes and be the hands and heart of Jesus to those most in need.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration, God Bless!  


The LOFH Committee 




Please CLICK HERE for a copy of the Report that was provided to Bishop Jean.