Living our Faith in Haiti




Our Mission 

As a subcommittee of Human Concerns, the mission of Living our Faith in Haiti is "to live the Gospel message through prayer, support, and service with the members of St. Joseph Parish in Thomonde, Haiti by sharing resources to enhance the faith, health, education and overall well-being of our Parish communities." 

Committee Members 

Rev. Nonito Barra, St. Margaret Mary Parish 

Father Bertrand DesForges, St. Joseph Parish 

Chair: Frank Headington

Finance:  Ed Scanlan

Dennis Rudolph

Tess Rudolph

Assenal Numa

Sheila Scanlan 

Tim Brown

Bill Kaufman

Anne Paulus

Rod Gauvin


Welcome to our parish Advent Evening Prayer for November 30, 2022.  This prayer service was recorded live and is dedicated to the Haitian People; for relief from suffering caused by their current conditions including political and economic strife along with gang warfare. We pray in solidarity with the Haitian people for peace and an end to the domestic terrorism and corruption that steals the necessary resources for daily living from the Haitian People.

 We’d like to welcome all who participate in this recorded prayer to pray for our Haitian Brothers and Sisters, including:

  • Our Haitian friends that were with us in person for Evening Prayer
  • Friends from other area Churches that have a very strong Haiti involvement
  • Friends from many other Haitian Missionary teams and donors
  • And all who have been supporting St Margaret Mary Parish’s Haitian Ministry Efforts

 If you have any questions regarding the Living Our Faith in Haiti Committee (LOFH) or our sister parish in Thomonde, Haiti please contact any of our LOFH Committee members.