dojvs5l9d2jamlu26pme7a3cmgl.jpgThese alphabet letters stand for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.  This is a process for adults (those who are Catholic and those who are not) to learn more about Catholic faith and be received fully into the Catholic church through whichever sacraments (Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist) they have not yet received.   

The process can be a means of growing deeper in faith.  A man who was recently received into the Catholic Church said, “I just had this experience of not being complete because I did not have a strong connection to any one faith…through my interactions with the class I’ve seen more and more how a strong faith provides the feeling of completeness and fulfillment to those who believe.  I wanted to get to that point too.” 

One person who sponsored an RCIA candidate said, “I witnessed a dear friend being received into the Catholic Church.  I was able to fully appreciate the richness and beauty of the Catholic Church…what a beautiful reminder to me of what the early church must have felt after the resurrection—hope and light!” 

Is this for you?  Or do you know someone you would like to invite to our RCIA sessions?  It is for:

  • anyone who desire to learn more about Catholic faith

  • Catholics who have not yet been Confirmed and/or received Holy Communion

  • anyone of different Christian denominations who consider becoming Catholic

  • people who have never been baptized and seek information about our Church

Please contact Amy Bolle at 920-729-4562 or abolle@smcatholicschools.org for more information.