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In Home Religious Education November 2020 Topic: Virtual Pilgrimage

In-Home Religious Education

November 2020

Topic:  St. Margaret Mary Parish Virtual Pilgrimage



This RE session will focus on a spiritual journey for your family. Your family will have the opportunity to visit historic sites virtually or in-person (if you would like), take time to pray, and reflect on these significant historic places within the Diocese of Green Bay. The faith of the people who have gone before us, the Christian values and virtues they represent have shaped our communities throughout history.


Opening Prayer

Begin on Page 2 of the Pilgrim’s Journal. (Page 4 in PDF)

Pray this ancient prayer (origin unknown) throughout your pilgrimage. This prayer is prayed at the end of the pilgrims Masses said along the Camino and is fitting for any pilgrimage. It has been modified to fit this virtual pilgrimage from St. Margaret Mary parish in Neenah, WI to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Champion, WI.

Pray Together:

O God, who brought your servant Abraham

out of the land of the Chaldeans,

protecting him in his wandering across the desert,

we ask that you watch over us, your servants,

as we walk in the love of your name to insert your daily destination here.

Be for us our companion on the walk,

Our guide at the crossroads,

Our breath in our weariness,

Our protection in danger,

Our home on the journey,

Our shade in the heat,

Our light in the darkness,

Our consolation in our discouragements,

And our strength in our intentions.

So that with your guidance we may arrive safe and sound

at the end of the road and enriched with grace and virtue

we return safely to our homes filled with joy.

In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen!


Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

Our Lady of Good Help, pray for us.

St. Margaret Mary, pray for us.

All holy men and women, pray for us.

Adapted from the Pilgrimage Prayer Guide



What is a Pilgrimage in the Catholic Tradition? (Page 1 of the Pilgrim’s Journal) (Page 3 in PDF)

A pilgrimage is a journey that people make to a place that is considered holy. To Catholics, a pilgrimage is more than just traveling to historic sites and viewing religious images or relics. It is a journey with a deeper and more spiritual meaning. A pilgrimage is not purposeless wandering but a journey with a higher purpose, and that is to honor God.

The practice of pilgrimages became significant in the Christian tradition in the 4th century. The main focus of pilgrimages had been to travel to places that were significant in the life and ministry of Jesus. Over time pilgrims were inspired and edified in their own faith journey by visiting the tombs of martyrs and saints. These practices remain inspirational for many and help to deepen one’s understanding of faith in Jesus Christ on a heart and head level.

How one prepares for any pilgrimage is meant to engage our experiences, practices and intentions in prayer. It requires spiritual sacrifice and physical perseverance. A pilgrimage is not a vacation. It is an intentional opportunity for us to grow in our faith and see the life and ministry of Jesus and the saints in a new light. As disciples of Jesus, a pilgrimage offers us focused time to reflect on our relationship with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and our fellow pilgrims.    

Invite each person to share what they are seeking from God during the upcoming virtual pilgrimage. What are their hopes and goals spiritually, physically, and emotionally during this time of spiritual reflection?




As a family, start your virtual Pilgrimage at St. Margaret Mary Parish on Page 4 (Page 6 in PDF) of the journal. Next, choose only 2 additional destinations to visit and complete your Pilgrimage ending at St. Margaret Mary Parish on Page 24 (Page 26 in PDF).

Together as a family (For St. Margaret Mary Parish and the 2 additional destinations):

    • Read thoroughly the destination pages and follow any links to view more information about each destination.
    • Read the “Pilgrim Notes and Reflections” Page for each destination and complete the work page including notes and reflections. Reflect on your virtual visit.
    • Optional: Get up and move between destinations signifying a journey to the next stop on your Pilgrimage.
    • Notes: For younger children, adapt information and questions as needed.

We are completing a modified Pilgrimage and are asking you to journey to only 3 destinations. Though there is a physical component if you were to complete the full journey going from destination to destination, we are not focusing on that part for the In-Home.


View and visit additional destinations or come up with a plan to complete the whole virtual pilgrimage together! This could be a great way to get to know the significant historic places of our faith within the Green Bay area!

Closing Prayer

Pray Together the Prayer of Trust in the Sacred Heart (Page 24 of the Pilgrim’s Journal) (Page 26 in PDF):

In all my temptations, I place my trust in you, O Sacred Heart of Jesus.

In all my weaknesses, I place my trust in you, O Sacred Heart of Jesus.

In all my difficulties, I place my trust in you, O Sacred Heart of Jesus.

In all my trials, I place my trust in you,

O Sacred Heart of Jesus.

In all my sorrows, I place my trust in you, O Sacred Heart of Jesus.

In all my work, I place my trust in you,

O Sacred Heart of Jesus.

In every failure, I place my trust in you,

O Sacred Heart of Jesus.

In every discouragement, I place my trust in you, O Sacred Heart of Jesus.

In life and in death, I place my trust in you, O Sacred Heart of Jesus.

In time and eternity, I place my trust in you, O Sacred Heart of Jesus.



THANK YOU to the Virtual Pilgrimage Sponsors!!

St. Margaret Mary Parish, Ellen Mommaerts, Faith Enrichment Committee & Well-being Committee


In-Home Religious Ed Questionnaire

In-Home Religious Education Questionnaire (Virtual Pilgrimage)

Once the response is submitted your child/ren will be marked "Present" for Religious Education for the November 22 and 25 sessions.



  • Al SpraguePosted on 1/04/21

    This must have taken an extraordinary amount of time and effort to create this virtual pilgrimage. Thank You, it is awesome. Very well done!


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