Parish Outreach to Parishioners


Parish Outreach to Parishioners

Each autumn the parish has a special collection, The Parish Outreach Collection, with 80-90% of all funds to be distributed to our parishioners who face financial challenges.  The remaining 10-20% of funds are given to support worthy organizations and projects to assist others at the local, national and international level.

The funds for parishioners are used to purchase grocery, gas and department store SCRIP.  It is given to those with financial needs-- 

  • at Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving dinner)
  • at Christmas (Christmas dinner and other necessities)
  • in February (to help with food when heating bills are high)
  • at Easter (for Easter dinner)
  • at Back-to-School time (for those with children K-12)    

If you know someone from the parish who is facing financial challenges you may make a referral to the Parish Office: 729-4560 Individial will contact the person in a confidential manner.