St Vincent de Paul Society

The St. Margaret Mary Parish Conference of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul has several active members assisting individuals and families in need by providing limited material and/or financial assistance to meet a short-term crisis. We do this by first making Home Visit to evaluate the need in question.

Members also provide information for resources in relation to poverty, medical and emotional needs. Members can provide service for home and automobile repairs, and assist them with rental and over-due utility bills.

From time to time many families or individuals will have an unexpected emergency. Conference members can assist these individuals by guiding them to the proper agencies that can service their needs.

Our St. Margaret Mary Conference meets twice a month at the church office. During these meetings we pray together and share information about families in need and how we can better serve and assist them. If you want to be a member or need more information please call:

St. Vincent De Paul Help Line 

 (920) 729-4571